How does the mind work -- and how can we outsmart its blindspots?
Drawing of a silhouette of a head with the galaxy inside.
Three phases of a sketch of a person's head
Drawing of surgeons in operating room.
Drawing of person standing in front of a market.
Drawing of a teacup and saucer with a card showing regular price and sale price.
Drawing of a person helping another person up a rock
Drawing of a woman running on a treadmill
Drawing of a person holding out their hand with a red nail in between their fingers
Drawing of five interconnected computers with Earth in the background.
Drawing of four people in a police lineup
Drawing of a person looking at a Police Chief job application with a photo of a woman attached. A thought bubble shows a male police officer.
Drawing of four telemarketers of different races.
Example of Stroop test using words red and blue written in same and in opposite text color.
how can this be?
how can this be?
Drawing of two men holding up resumes -- on the left is a white man in a prison jumpsuit, named Greg; the other is a Black man in a business suit, named Tyrone.
Drawing of sculptor
Anchor reporting breaking news
Blindspot book cover