Foreigners in their own country:
Asians in America

Ms. King and Ms. Kang are both native-born American citizens. The answer to the question “Are they both American?” may seem obvious to you… but your brain might disagree. Watch our video to learn about an implicit bias we carry that “American = White” and what this means for Asians in America today.


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“Foreigners in their own country: Asians in America” was created and developed by Olivia Kang, Alex Sanchez, Evan Younger, and Mahzarin Banaji. Support for Outsmarting Human Minds comes from Harvard University and PwC.

Narration by Olivia Kang, featuring Alex Sanchez.

Animation and Editing by Evan Younger.

Images by Olivia Kang and Evan Younger, adapted from photographs by Henry Co, Robert Bye, Amogh Manjunath, Daniel Rigdon, Cory Schadt, Juan Encalada, Mollie Sivaram, Liam Burnett, and Andrijana Bozic via Unsplash.

Video footage via ABC 10, USA Today, Action News 4, and GQ.

Music by Matt Hill, Philip Guyler, and Paul Mottram via Audio Network